Saturday, August 6, 2016

We Weren't The Only Ones

Kris Kidd scammed the actors he invited to Texas Comicon this year, too.

Many of you know Steve Cardenas; The Red Power Ranger. He was invited to Texas Comicon this year and was never paid. That's right! Kris Kidd cheated him out of the $1300 promised. Mr. Cardenas has posted about his experience on his Facebook Fan Page. Look for his post made on 8/2/2016, accompanied by this photo:
We were happy to see he had seen this blog and referenced it on his page. Although no one should ever experience the nightmare we all went through at Texas Comicon, and we wouldn't wish it on Steve or anyone else, we appreciate his help in warning everyone else about Kris Kidd.

Rene Guzman, with MySA, wrote an article on Steve Cardenas' experience this year and how he was scammed. That can be found here.

Rene was the same reporter who covered the Darth Vader story in MySA last year, and he's an awesome guy. I talked to him yesterday about our experience, and thanked him for the reference in his article. He is going to cover San Japan, and we look forward to meeting him face-to-face at that show in September. We know it will be a better experience.

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